Jill Joblonkay, Higher Self Consultant & Coach


These writings come in a flow of consciousness from my Higher Self or aspect as the Holy Spirit or the Oneness from which they came.  I just allow the words to flow.  They suffer from poor punctuation and a lack of desire to edit.  But mostly, I just want them to remain the same as they flow from my Higher Self through my brain.  I want you to see the connection that I make so that I can make sense of the world in my way, so that I can do my best to be and teach peace for everyone else.  It has been made very clear to me that I am to let the words remain just as they come through.  I trust this, and though my Lower Self wants to judge this and make some changes, I know there is nothing I could change that would offer more to you.

Do with them what you will.  To explore the writings on this page means that you have some interest in the content I want to explore, and my only advice if you feel drawn to reading them, is if you are struggling to make sense of what is on the page, ask the Oneness or your Higher Self for some advice of your own!!  THAT is why I have shared these writings or have shared my teachings in groups or to individuals... explore, wonder, and interpret everything your way, and hopefully you will make your own connection and receive your guidance all on your own.

Impractical Peace

The practical side of life that we all face

It’s not very practical for me to discuss ways to concentrate on peace when there are so many more practical things that need or require taking care of in the first place.

I want to focus on the practical need to take care of peace for everybody else during this time of need, or grace, as I like to look at it.

It’s important that we all take care of our practical need, but what if its so much more important that we take care of our need for peace or grace first, BEFORE, whenever possible, we take care of the practical needs that we all share for shelter, food, employment, etc.

It’s important to understand grace and how it is left for us when we put the practical need of peace first. It’s not that we are somehow more full of grace than someone who puts their practical needs first and goes out into the forest, so to speak, to forage for something to feed their family. What this means is that there is grace that we all share when even ONE person prays first before they go out into the forest.

We all share one state of grace – one practical moment that precedes every breath of air that we take in this lower world. No one need fear being without this practical grace/peace when at least one person puts the need to share it – to reach for it first and then to share it – before their own practical need to forage. It makes sense to those who are sent here – to this place where we all need to forage in order to meet our needs for survival – to practice peace, that we need to put this effort in place first, or else it almost doesn’t matter what else we find in the forest, for nothing else we share could ever come near the need of practical grace being met first.

What this means is that when you are of the will to forage for peace first, grace will appear for all who are in need to go out into their own forest and find what they need to share of the grace of this human place, or the physical world we all inhabit.

It’s important to understand that some people are just built to share more peace or its grace because that is what they are doing here. That is why they were sent, so to speak, to this earth to share in something impractical as the grace of this peace that is intangible and seems impractical to express the need for it before even the need for food or air is met. We NEED to share what is impractical to those who are built to share of the forest, or else we just will not feel like our needs were met, no matter what someone else shares with us of our more practical needs that are physical.

Some beings are meant to share from beyond their soul, their structure that precedes their physical development. Some beings are meant to share from something higher something that is in fact practical for those who are here to share it. Some beings are meant to share peace, and there is no other word for it. Peace. Impractical to consider when someone is in need of food or water or shelter. Peace. Impractical to consider when there is a global disaster and people are in need and medicine. But to some people who would rather search for food in the forest, the peace that we share when we reach for something higher for them first, will guide them to the impractical peace to supplement their air or food or shelter that we all need for survival.

Those people who are meant to share the impractical nature of peace first, are the people I was sent to share with. My nature is to reach for the highest and then to see what descends into my lower consciousness in order to share with those who are meant to share it as well.

My impractical nature would rather seek peace than shelter, and I just can’t define it as anything more important than peace that I would like to share with other people before they want to redefine themselves as something practical that requires food or air in order to function. The problem is, I can’t always define it for myself first. Sometimes, I let the practical needs of the lower physical order supersede my need to put peace first. What this means is that I have a choice, and that I don’t realize that I have the power to make this choice to let my need for peace be my higher order. I just need to make the impractical choice to put my need to practice or facilitate peace first, ahead of any other practical choice I must make in order to successfully live and breathe and have shelter and all of my needs met in order to deliver my voice of peace wherever possible and whenever anyone wants to hear it.

It’s not always difficult to make this choice, but it has taken years of practice to perceive that my habit is always to take care of my physical needs first out of fear. I haven’t always made the most important choice for me, which is just to sit and meditate until I feel clearer and able to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice inside of me, urging me to just stay still and let other people hear it, even when there is no voice for me to speak so others can hear it.

I just need you to believe that some of us are sent to hear it – to hear the Holy Spirit – the spirit that encompasses me and makes up the part of me that is connected to Source, always, and then communicates from it to me in my Lower Self or voice – and then to just let others perceive it through us, either in what they actually hear come out of us, or in anything else they have come to perceive when they are near us, such as a gentle perception of peace that must come first before we address their practical needs of how to survive in the forest.

For those of you who are here to share peace, it’s important to first address the practical need to also be safe in the forest. Recognize that all of the things you feared you wouldn’t need have in fact disappeared, and though you would somehow prefer them over this voice of peace, you are glad they disappeared so that you can resume your quest for this impractical voice of peace that must take precedence over the grace we want to appear for the rest of everything that is here.

Once you have made this choice and just let everything else disappear in its importance that you once believed in, you will start to appear as the Holy Spirit’s voice for everyone else to believe in. It’s important that people believe that this spirit will appear in them as well, simply because they could never leave it. It’s impractical to believe that any one of us could ever leave the substance of the source that made us, and so why would believe that we would not be able to hear its voice either, or that we would somehow be separate from the peace that comes when we hear this voice that encourages us to remember our wholeness because, again, we could never leave it in order to believe we are separate and to forage in the forest just to support our separate voices.

It’s important to believe that some of us were just sent to remember this life purpose of believing that we could never leave this source we are made of, and that we are also of the connecting spirit that reaches into this dense physical subject we are composed of. Let us just be this voice of the Holy Spirit we are made of (or whatever you want to call it) and then let us just be it for everyone else who wants or needs the practical peace so that they can enjoy this life that they are made of.

Remember, not everyone was built to hear this voice, but all are meant to believe that they are made of the Source and the voice that explains it. We are the softness that was made so that others can hear this voice when we speak it. We believe that we can share in this voice of the Holy Spirit here so that they can share in this voice that they are made of. We are all vibrational here. To designate it the Holy Spirit’s voice is just to explain that it is the highest vibration from Source and that it is so much more than our dense physical frame we inhabit. It’s just an essence, not the name that made it seem so important or that it was a saviour sent to save us. It just is. It’s our voice and, again, some of us were just made to hear it where we are less dense and then are able to share it, even just through our vibration.

So, it might seem impractical to share it when so many other things are needed to be shared during this time so that others can feel safer in their physical manifestation of this voice – this vibration. But from our perspective, nothing in this lower segment of our wholeness (in its perception) can survive in grace without it. If we just keep focusing on this life from our physical nature, we will miss out on what’s important. We won’t be able to lift ourselves back to our original nature – this higher vibration – where we will not suffer because there is nothing separate from this original vibration.

I beg for others to not ignore their individual calling to hear this voice of their higher nature – of their aspect of being one with Source that they are made of. For if you were built to hear this higher calling, then you will never feel satisfied unless you make this choice to strain to hear or experience this voice that represents the nothingness of Source.

So then, is it impractical to make the choice to hear this voice of our higher nature first so that others can resonate in the peace or the grace it generates first before they go out into the cold dark forest in order to support their lower nature to come back to grace?

No. It is important that we help to support their choice to one day leave their frames when they are no longer meant to stay on this world or this lower plane of physical manifestation of our voice. We vibrate at a much lower frequency when we are of the physical frame or plane, and so to have even one person reach for the higher vibration or plane of concentration from where we are all connected to that which made us, there is no other sense of satiation that could take the place of feeling one with that which made us, and so everyone else begins to experience this grace of the manifestation of this lower pleasant vibration that somehow states that everything is going to be okay.

I implore you to not ignore your nature to quest for making this higher connection and to not ignore the way that you want to express its voice or vibration. Don’t ignore the way that you are called to participate in this lower world, even if it seems impractical in comparison to our current needs to function in a world that seems forced into dysfunction every day.

Prepare to resonate with your higher voice simply by recognizing that it is your choice to participate with this every day in some way. Any way. It never matters how someone wants to participate and share this voice of the Higher Self or Oneness or Source. It only matters that you recognize that you want to participate this way and that you don’t ignore it. As long as you are participating on behalf of everyone else who ignores or must ignore this inner calling in favour of human survival, then you are on your way to a life of self-satisfaction and service in a way that you could never acknowledge from the place of self-sacrifice that is beyond the ego to name it as such.

Prepare to allow this voice to resonate for others – even from just where you sit in your chair. You do not need to utter one word from your face in order that others may enjoy what you say from your Holy Spirits voice. The way that we generate the grace for others is to just not ignore this calling, and to just turn your face to your Higher Self in the center of your heart, and just let it call and guide you the rest of the way. If only for a moment or a flash you are able to sit and concentrate on this place, then call it a job well done for the day. Come to recognize that you self-sacrificed your basic order of things you thought were important – your priorities for practical survival – and you put the peace and the resulting grace for everyone else, first. The self-congratulate so that your Lower Self or your ego will not ignore the scrumptious choice that you have made for yourself, and you will feel fulfilled at every level of yourself that could ever feel the need to be satiated from Source.

Thank you for your self-sacrifice to start your day or at parts throughout it, to just offer this grace to someone else who may need it but not know that this is the same grace that they could build within themselves if they just wanted to try it at some other point during the day.

It does not matter that they are going to self-satiate off of your efforts toward their grace, just enjoy that you have fulfilled your one and most important role in this world – the one that you were self-sacrificed or created for – to be the Holy Spirits representative while you are one with this world or are upon its face.

And so it is,

You are one with its grace and will be fulfilled as well because you wanted this grace for someone else before your own house or practical place of residence was built.


Perfect is Not a Choice that the Lower Self Would Make (or should even attempt.)

The start to my conversation with the Oneness about what to do during the pandemic was...

"Okay, so I’m supposed to just accept that everything is perfect, even in this chaos – and, that is what I want to do and am supposed to do if I want to be my Higher Self. Check! Fine. Hang on… WHAT?!? What does that mean?!?!? HOW?!?!?!?!?" Ugh. 

The response from the Oneness was…

It’s not that everything is perfect because everything has some deeper meaning and is organized just perfectly so that we can catch on to it. It’s a choice to reach for that higher order of consciousness that cannot determine that ANYTHING is out of order. Your own choice from your higher aspect of thought is all that we are looking for here.

In essence, it is not a choice when you ponder life from your higher thought, or higher consciousness. It is not a choice, because it is your own thought that is present once you have made that choice. The choice to have your higher thought is what put your presence in where it is perfect.

Believe it or not, we all have this choice to have our thought where we can only perceive that everything is in perfect order NO MATTER WHAT. I don’t have to make a decision to look for the bright side of any given situation, because I truly can’t perceive it as anything different because I can’t offer myself the perception that anything is separate.

Your truest aspect of self can’t have any thought about this lower consciousness, it can only witness it. And, it can only witness it from your thought that everything is whole and, therefore, it is perfect.

So, how does this help in a time of crisis? It helps because it puts your higher thought in order first, and then every other thought that is more of your human aspect will start to go in reverse order. It won’t start with the thought that something is a crisis; it will start from the higher thought process that everything is perfect, and then it will filter in this knowledge to your thought that everything is in crisis.

I do not recommend this in times of disaster in order to offer your thought something that is perfect about your crisis so that you can relax and overcome it. I offer you this thought-order so that you can be of this service because as a part of the Oneness, you truly are a part of every lower thought or aspect of consciousness that was ever thought of, and you somehow elevate it with your own presence.

This choice takes you to the border of your own thought of panic, in any event, and prevents others who are in your presence of charging your thought with panic. You can’t accept their will that you should panic in their presence because you share the same thought. Even if only for an instant, when you choose this higher thought that you can ACCEPT that everything must be perfect because in your higher consciousness it couldn’t have the thought that anything is any different, and when you choose it you notice the flow of your higher order to the thought that everything is whole and therefore you do not need to panic, then you have changed the entire lower flow of thought that flows toward panic. In a sense, you lift the entire lower thought, or consciousness, from panic to where it is “perfect.”

“Perfect” is not of this higher thought, however. What you will experience from your Higher Self where you experience your thought as whole, is that nothing is out of order because nothing could be separate from Source. You don’t panic because everything is out of control. You come to accept that there is a higher order that is graceful (grace-full) because it does not want this panic or its thought-system to come up with something different than a peaceful thought that can let go because wholeness is its only witness or self-perception.

You must come to ACCEPT that this thought that it is graceful where we know this disruption of thought in this lower order where NOTHING seems as perfect because we are not of our highest thought-system yet, and then you will start to flow toward your Higher Self concept that everything is indeed perfect.

This, choosing your higher thought-system (your Higher Self), does not make up for whatever incident occurs in your Lower Self. It does not change the physical self, and it is not meant to. What this does is bring a peaceful thought to your Lower Self, and then the lower order changes itself on its own. It, the Lower Self, wants for, or longs for, some higher order or thought that is graceful of its own. Eventually, the Lower Self throws out its own panic-consciousness and tries to realign itself with what it knows, on some level, is a thought of its very own (the thought of the Higher Self.)

None of that comes without ACCEPTANCE of our own lower thought that nothing is perfect and nothing has a higher order to it that is graceful because it is already whole and, therefore, could not be separate from its self-concept as Source of all. ACCEPTANCE is a choice – it is not a thought that is natural. The acceptance of that thought that everything is perfect because it is whole, must come before where it becomes an actual thought that you know that you had on your own and, therefore, it is authentic and not something someone else thought and wrote down in a blog for you to accept without any evidence or practice of your own.

So, how do we get to that acceptance? Just notice your own normal thought. Does it repeat a pattern that is cyclical of how everything is a disaster and that nothing good nor any grace could ever come from it? Does it accept the wave of panic that comes from another person and then accept it as its own? Can you accept that this is not normal thought and that deep within your self you feel or long for something that is graceful or peaceful to rise above that seeming normal thought that everything is painful and without grace? Once you notice your longing to get above your seemingly normal thought that everything is painful and therefore you should get on your own and try to control that thought so that you don’t suffer, then you will know that a part of you just knows that this is not your normal thought pattern, and that something more grace-full, must be more of your normal.

In other words, you know that this Lower Self thought that says that nothing is graceful, is not perfect nor is it normal, or else you would not know that something else, some other form of thought that says that something is not painful, is yours to hold if you want it.

There are many ways to get to your more normal thought to help you cope. I don’t recommend that you reach for where you are graceful in your more normal thought of where you are whole because you are of your Higher Self as a way to cope. It doesn’t become more perfect in the human or physical sense just because you are of our will to not suffer because of any lower thought or experience. I recommend that you only be of our will to remember your higher thought when you no longer want to suffer because then someone else will begin to feel your presence of where you are more grace-full because you are of our thought, and then you will feel your thought of where you suffer become more one with our presence and, therefore, you will not suffer and you will let go and everyone else who wants to feel more grace-full will want for their inner-thought as well so that they will feel more graceful so that someone else won’t suffer with their lower thought. 

This does not neglect your Lower Self in this world. It does not neglect your lower thought that must spur into action because something requires your lower thought to change your current set of circumstances so that everything is more acceptable or less people will suffer. It simply puts you in alignment with your thought as your Higher Self, and then you will act from your lower thought that has found your higher thought more acceptable, and your panic level might fizzle out, or it might not, but either way, other people will FEEL your thought where you have made the choice to access your Higher Self or thought FIRST before you were of the will to have more thought resulting from panic or chaos or your lower thought that did not access our thought, or HEART as it were, first.

REMEMBER, if you long for your heart to be exposed to where you are more graceful and peace is your first thought, let it expose where you are not, first. Let it panic, and then let it be perfect because your call to panic has been your call to our heart, our thought that everything is whole and perfect first.

With practice, once you acknowledge your thought that you went to panic first, you will automatically acknowledge that you would prefer to be more of our thought that you can ACCEPT is more normal that everything is grace-full and, therefore, perfect. From there, you must accept that you will become more grace-full simply because you want for more of our thought, and then you must congratulate yourself for wanting more of our thought that everything is perfect even if that is not the thought that you want at this moment.

From there, you will automatically start to be more grace-full for others when you no longer want this thought that is awful, and you would prefer to be more of your higher thought for others so that they don’t have to suffer in this lower collective consciousness that everything is awful. This completes the cycle of your higher to lower thought and, therefore, everything becomes more in alignment with our world.

Did anything you want suddenly appear in your lower world, and like a magic wand, change or erase the object or even that caused the suffering? Absolutely not. But, when you are this grace-full because you WANTED this thought of acceptance that everything is perfect to appear so that others can want for this thought to appear within their lower consciousness, things just seem to have a way to work themselves out that is less of a crisis and more of a process that we all want. We want all things that are suffering to find their way back to where they are perfect. 

The definition of perfect is what we want to alter when we want to be of service first. When we define “perfect” as our thought that we hold about this world so that it can be more in alignment with its origin of Source where it is whole, then we can find more peace in our thought and, therefore, everyone else will feel more peaceful around your shoulders that hold up their world, as well.

I just want you to be more mindful of where you have this thought that everything should be more peaceful in this chaotic world, and then wonder if you could already be more of our thought – if that what having this thought means is that you have already made the choice to be your Higher Self so that other people won’t have to suffer when they make this choice to be of this higher thought as well. It’s important that you acknowledge that this won’t be the natural choice for most people, and so if you can feel or experience your will in some way to be of this more normal thought that everything is perfect from our world, and if you hold this experience then because we are all connected in time and space and thought (or consciousness, if you will) then you can be assured that you ARE your Higher Self already in time and space, and you can congratulate yourself for your will or desire to be of service in this way.

Keep that thought in mind that we are of this thought that is more grace-full of where we are all whole even when we are of this world where we are of lower thought and consider ourselves to be separate and, therefore, less perfect than the Source that brought this all. Just contemplate what made you want this thought that you are whole and are of a Source that only wants or is capable to perceive itself this way, and then accept that YOU are capable because someone has planted the seed in you that has started to grow to where you can ACCEPT that you are whole and are, therefore, perfect in every way, and then want the same for somebody else.

We keep it in mind that we are this way for everyone else and not just so that we can flourish our own soul or consciousness in this way, because that is what the Source would want. No, in fact, that is what the Source is only capable of – letting the flow from where it assumes or accepts or feels in some way that it is whole and perfect, reach the consciousness of some of its lower aspects of thought – you – that it is perfect as well.

Welcome back to your thought of wholeness and wellness, even if its only while you read these pages before you return to your vehicle of consciousness – again, you – that wants to panic. It really DOES make a difference – a huge one – the ONLY change that is permanent or actually possible to change what you perceive of your world in our way – and then you will change you in whatever way you want or you will accept the parts of your world or the collective lower thought that you cannot change because you are not that powerful. Again, it is not a magic wand (though this may be what we all want) to cause change in the world that our Lower Self does not find acceptable in any way. It is the thought that will change of how we perceive what we will experience. Will I experience this lower world or circumstance in my lower more painful way, or will I opt for the choice for grace and my will to perceive of these ruins as whole in some way, so that others will experience this grace of my choice?

The choice is up to you. Now, that’s more powerful than any magic wand, any day!

Be grace, be peace, so that someone else can make the choice that will change their grace and how they offer their voice to someone else so that they can be at peace as well.

And so, it is.