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Jill Joblonkay, Higher Self Consultant & Coach

Speaking from the Oneness

Remembering myself as my Higher Self in the Oneness, and letting it express itself

Whether I write or I speak, I always stay as my Higher Self in the Oneness. These words flow without any conscious thought before them. We can all access our higher state of consciousness and just see what emerges when we let it flow. I hope you will participate and try this for yourself some day. It is the best way to gain trust in how you connect to the Oneness. Just practice it. Let go. Ask yourself how you can speak from your highest state possible, and pray or ask for the highest possible to guide you.

The Path to Peace in the Oneness Process

The Path to Peace in the Oneness Process

Why I Want to Know Myself as Whole

Balancing Act of Knowing the Oneness

Simplicity of Oneness for Service

Staying Connected to the Oneness during Crisis