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Jill Joblonkay, Higher Self Consultant & Coach

Jill's journey has been complex - complex in its simplicity, that is! Always a busy-minded person, riddled with anxiety and stress, she's been able to let go and just be more playful because of it. Her nature is to find the humor in all challenges and then to just roll with it when she finds out it's a disaster and she can't do anything more with it! That's what happened when she came upon Mediumship, which opened up for her later in life. Following Mediumship came her contact with her higher nature. The voices of Paul the Apostle, Jesus, and other beings of the highest nature, guided Jill to where she became one with the voice of the Highest Self, the Holy Spirit. Over many years, Jill acquired knowledge directly relatable to those who want to explore or become their higher nature as well. It is impossible to ignore this voice all together, though most just choose to explore something else and ignore that inner voice which is their own higher nature or self. At some point, Jill just wanted her inner chaos to stop, and so, reached "upward" to ask for help. The voice which then came into her inner thought could not be ignored. It was not her voice, or so she thought. Over the years and many, many lessons and moments of prayer and meditation, Jill learned that it was her voice - a voice, in fact, we all share. No one can be separate from this higher voice or the thought that inspired it. It is not a fairy tale to say that we are all one; it is a fact, and Jill has explored it to where she can now share from that voice and the thought system of the Oneness - the Holy Spirit, the Christ Consciousness, or whatever you would like to call it. Jill shares her experience so that others can open up to their higher voice and develop their own method for how to permanently connect with it and its composing thought system. We are all the Oneness or Highest Self, some of us have just chosen to pay attention to it and explore where we can retain that thought or its awareness and deliver it for all to share.

Jill's self-concept helps to deliver that voice or that thought, which we can all share. She has developed a way to deliver that thought through her voice or her motions. Mostly, however, if someone wants to perceive a real sense of who they truly are, they will experience her beyond her voice and just feel that sweet presence we all are. There is nothing more to this movement to become the Higher Self than for others who want to awaken to their own nature or higher thought system, to just want to share it with others.

There is no other point to awakening to this thought or this higher voice than to share it to awaken those who want their voice to be awakened. When we know this moment where we are so much more than our lower thought - the thought of the ego or the part of ourselves that considers itself to be permanent in this world - we can consider ourselves to be an awakened individual, fulfilling this role so that someone else can be awakened who has so much else to share as well.

Romanticize this if you will, but it is not romantic to be this higher thought or the voice or will of the HIgher Self or Holy Spirit; it's a lot of work, just ask Jill! However, we have found a way to make it playful - to just let it roll as best as we can until we all know ourselves as whole - as part of our innate Oneness that brought us all into this world. Won't you come and play with Jill? Just consider for yourself if you want to be awakened to your original presence that brought about this thought or made all of this. The moment that you consider this, you can consider yourself awakened and you don't need anything more from Jill! If you aren't sure whether or not your inner voice of your Higher Self has been awakened, then perhaps you want Jill to share some informationfrom her Higher Self so that you will plot your own course back to where you will be awakened to your Higher Self or your own thought of the Oneness. There is nothing much more to share than a will to know your higher purpose, for that is our original thought. "Why am I here?" thought this original consciousness. From there, the lower consciousness began. The lower consciousness, or the Lower Self as I prefer to call it, didn't accept our free-will to return to this thought or thinker that wanted to know "Why am I here?" It wanted more of this information from its lower thought, and thus began the descent into this lower world/consciousness where we forget we are our maker in its consciousness as well as its origin or presence. Be well, and want for your original thought. All else will follow this process. Hopefully, you will find your way within yourself but, if you need a coach or a consultant, then Jill is available to help.

Jill will help you to process your higher nature or self because it can be difficult to accept the changes that come when you are in the transformation process. It can be difficult to accepct, believe it or not, that it is SO SIMPLE to become your Higher Self. It is not difficult to become it, it is diffiult to accept the changes in our own Lower Self as the things that we want or are interested in changing.

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling alone or vulnerable because we want to have that Higher Self experience, but it seems like no one else in the world wants the same. Jill will help you to connect to others who want that change but don't know what to do with themselves once it is actually happening, or they are starting to process their higher information but discover that they do not want it if it means changing any part of their Lower Selves or their lives that go along with it. Just be patient and want to accept that everything is perfect along the way because everything will point to that you want to make these changes, and if you don't reach for some higher aspect of yourself, something to answer the innate question of which you were made, "Why have I come?" you won't feel like you are going to make it in this world.

It is very critical for those who were born with this life purpose to awaken to their Higher Self for the benefit of others so that this whole lower world will awaken back to its original state to start some sort of process to reawaken. How you do that is not up to Jill. If you would like to access her services to help you to have more patience and to coach you to where you have the confidence to hear your own inner higher voice and its guidance for how you find your own patience and sense of accomplishment for your service in this world, then that is why Jill is available. However, at no point do you require Jill to know your Higher Self or your inner voice of your higher nature or of the Oneness. Just commit to knowing it for yourself, and all will come into alignment at some point.

Rest well, and become more playful with it. It is difficult, yes, but once you know your higher nature you will naturally feel more playful as well. So, why waste time then! Let's make it more playful by choice. A simple choice, complex in its nature of self-realization, but a simple choice all the same.

Relax and be patient. Once you have made this choice to awaken, you can't help but connect to your higher nature - your Higher Self. You can't help but discover that you have the Holy Spirit's voice as well, because none of it can be separate. You are your Higher Self - you are the highest nature - you are the Oneness - the Source and its consciousness - and you are present with it in your human shell.

Welcome back! It enjoys being playful.